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Mark Silver

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Mark Silver – Partner/Creative Director

In over twenty years as a professional writer, Mark Silver’s words have graced everything from the back of a crayon box to the front page of the Los Angeles Times Calendar Section and just about everything in between.

As a Script/Copywriter I recognize that we are living in a media saturated age where the competition for attention span is critically important. So even though I have a passion for writing, I understand that saying as much as you can in as few words as possible has to be the goal. And I absolutely loathe copy that includes; and more; every step of the way; and prices too low to mention. But that’s just me.

As Creative Director I believe that a good designer can take the right words and create a visual language that communicates the information we need to deliver and the emotion we want to inspire efficiently and economically. My role is to work in partnership while setting up guardrails and course correcting along the way

Tackle Creative Shop – An LA Story

My great grandfather drove cattle to LA in the Midwest, my grandfather was an acrobat at muscle beach in Venice, my father was assistant principal at Beverly Hills High School and I am a graduate of UCLA. Needless to say I can still remember when you could predict when and where you would hit traffic on the 405. Not anymore. The longer I live here the less I understand but the more cool, talented, amazing people I meet. Many work for themselves with pockets of free time and creative energy that make them perfect members of the Tackle family.

As Founding Partner of Tackle, I assemble teams based on the independent film model of hiring the right people, at the right time who are right for that particular project. So our clients get to see more of their money on the screen, than if we had a full time staff, a well stocked kitchen and a mountain of overhead. We are a virtual hub of passion and commitment coming together to doing really amazing work we can be proud of. Project after project.

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