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Web Strategy & Design

For most business SEO is a myth. Unless you have a specific class of product, your website will not be the first point of contact between your brand and your customer. It may, in fact be the second or third contact but it will ultimately be the easiest to find, the most intimate and the one that can make or break a relationship.

At Tackle, design starts with strategy, function follows intent and the desired engagement is the driving force behind every decision we make. It starts at the end and works backwards to the beginning. From colors to logo placement to menu items to your font package, what you want to visitors to feel and what actions you want them to take will be the starting point from which we build your web presence. You want people to stay connected to your brand, build a community. You want them to buy your product, add a buy now button. You want them to subscribe to your newsletter, have to button on every page. You want them to know you’re are price competitive, publish a price list. Your business model changes, re launch.

What your site looks like is important but how it increases your business is what’s critical. Its not art but if it does what you want it to do, it will be beautiful.