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Video Production

Video is not only effective, it is essential. Statistics point to video as a way to increase digital engagement, grow sales and define credibility. And in this technological age, with the means of production and distribution embedded in any smart phone, anyone can be a writer, a director, a producer or a star. Behind facebook and Google, YouTube is the most visited site on the internet. So is it time to get out your iPhone and shoot?

For your business, you need video, but you need really good video, with good stories, great production value and a strategic plan. At Tackle we do two things well, we write good stories and we understand that your target audience is bombarded with choices. So we like to keep it short. Tell your story walking. Get in fast and out faster. With video, like with all of our content deliverables, our philosophy is based on giving just enough inspiration and inspiration for your customers to take the action you want them to take. Buy now. Learn more. Like us. Share it with your friends.