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Viral Content

Every company is dealing with a crisis of control. Marketing departments, customer service, tech support and promotions now belong to  the community. Online destinations like Yelp, Amazon, and Best Buy post customer reviews on everything from restaurants to running shoes to video games to big screen televisions. It’s one of the first places people look for purchase decisions. And if you need help with anything just type in a Google search question and you will find hundreds of others with the same question and a multitude of community-based answers.  Controlling the message has become impossible but delivering content that promotes positive commentary and invites sharing is where a modicum of control can be reclaimed.

Tackle Creative has a suite of concepts that have proven successful for promoting brands and products within their demographic communities.  We collaborate with PR companies, brand managers and promotional teams to design, write and produce innovative video content that generates excitement, and accelerates devotion to sharing. The choices range from a single video to an entire series of videos, all built around the core concept of the brand or the product, and directed at its core online fan base.